Events of Today In History

Events Of Today In History -

The Events of Today In History are an important part of our education. History always surprises us and helps us to understand Societies, Cultures, Governments, Politicals, Wars and many more.

What Happend on that day.

  1. Nepal
  2. United States of America

Nepal May-29

Tenzing Norgay
Tenzing Norgay also famously known as Sherpa Tenzing was born on 29th May 1914 in Nepal, Tibet area. He was one of the two mountaineers who successfully climb Mount Everest in 1953. Times Magazine honoured him as of the 100 most influential people of the 20th century.

United States of America May-29

Space Shuttle Discovery
Space Shuttle Discovery became the first space shuttle to dock with the International Space Station. It was the 26th flight, launched on 27th May, and on 29th May 1999, Discovery successfully docked at International Space Station.