What is Angular?

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Angular is open source Web Application Framework developed and maintained by Angular team in Google, It is one of most popular framework in current time. Angular used to developed rich web application, it enhance performance of application, easy to develop and testing. Application developed using Angular can reused for other platforms. Same set of code will work for Web, Mobile, Native Desktop / Mobile applications.

Now Angular Js first version is written in JavaScript and mainly used to develop Single Page Application. It not mobile friendly framework. When ember.js and ReactJS introduce with better feature and performance to development community. Angular team decided to re-write entire Angular again in TypeScript instead of upgrading existing framework.

Let check comparison between Angular Js and Angular, which will help you to select to learn first and use better option for your projects.

Angular Js ( 1.x )Angular ( 2.x )
ArchitectureAngular Js used MVC ( Module – View – Control ) architectureAngular used Component based architecture
RenderingClient SideServer Side
StructureLess manageable compare to AngularBetter manageable, Easy to create and maintain large size applications.
Dependency Injection (DI)Does Not User DIHierarchical Dependency Injection system used.
PerformanceCompare to Angular is slow oneFast
Command Line InterfaceDon’t have its own CLICLI support
Mobile SupportSupport from third party librariesNative Mobile Support

Angular Material

Angular Material is UI component library developed by Google in 2014. It is reusable, well tested and help developer to develop high quality, responsive, interactive and device oriented User Interface.

Setup Simple Angular Project

Angular CLI is command line interface that help developer to initialize, develop and maintain Angular applications.Install CLI using npm package manager. For more details about versions, please visit and see Release section on GitHub – https://github.com/angular/angular-cli/releases

npm install -g @angular/cli

We also need to install Node.js to develop Angular Apps. Angular is updated framework and written in TypeScript which does not understand browser. So we required npm ( Node Package Manager ) and node. If developer using Visual Studio then it comes with Node.js plugins.

Now we will use Angular CLI is easiest way to generate application and libraries code which will help in development, testing and deployment

$ sudo npm install  -g @angular/cli
$ ng version - To Test @angular/cli installation status

User ng new command to create Angular Application and accept default setting which ask configuration. Angular CLI install the necessary packages and dependency. myAngularApp App is created

$ ng new myAngularApp

Now go to application folder ( myAngularApp ) and launch server by using CLI Command. ng serve command build the applications and start web server on port 4200.

$ ng serve  --open

We have setup basic Angular Project. We will discuss more about Angular project in details like folder structure, development and maintenance in our next blog.

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