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WordPress is Open Source Web Content Management System ( CMS ) and it is free under GPL, In another word, the user has the freedom to use, modify and share. The First WordPress version was released on 27th May 2003 by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little. WordPress specially developed as a blog publishing system but because a user can customize and develop a layout with themes and plugin. That makes it easy to use and flexible to develop all type of websites.

What is Web Content Management System CMS ?

Web Content Management System allows user to create and maintain a website without any technical knowledge. CMS help user to manage data such as text, photo, multimedia. Also, help in editing and publishing website content. In earlier day user need knowledge of HTML, Database to make a programme that allows user to store and publish content. That very difficult but CMS make the complete process easy.

CMS like WordPress become more powerful with Themes and Plugins. You can log in to access Dashboard to create Pages, forms, user management and publish content. It has rich themes and plugin options which help user to try a different type of layouts, enhance functionality and to create a different type of websites like blog, eCommerce, Learning websites and many more.

System Requirement for WordPress and Installation.

To run WordPress we require following

  1. PHP version 7.4+
  2. MySQL version 5.6 OR MariaDB 10.1+
  3. Web Server
    1. WAMP ( Windows )
    2. LAMP ( Linux )
    3. XAMP ( Multi-Platform )
    4. MAMP ( Macintosh )

WordPress recommends Apache and NGINX most useful server to run WordPress. We can use any server which supports PHP and MySQL. If you are working with an old environment like PHP5.6 and MySQL5.0, still WordPress can work properly. But this version reached the official End Of Life.

WP Themes

WordPress Themes
Free and No 1 CMS WordPress 4

The theme used for the design and layout of your website. You can develop in such a way that can create any type of templates for websites like eCommerce, Educational, blog etc. It fetches content from the database and displays them in the browser. WordPress comes with few default themes but you can have only one theme active at a time. You can install a new theme and activate it as per our need.

Now let understand a little about the Themes. The theme is a set of files that include template pages written in PHP, images, CSS stylesheet and JavaScript files. WordPress store all files in a respective folder and configure in CMS and make it available to access. Through a dashboard, you can access the theme’s header, footer and many more to modify. There are thousands of paid and free themes available that you can use for a website.

Free theme can download from the official theme directory and can also purchase themes from the third party developer with advanced features. If you have knowledge of PHP programming, HTML, JavaScript and CSS then you can create your own theme for a website.

Let check few best and most popular themes available in Market.

Divi is a flagship and most popular theme developed by Elegant theme. It is developed in such a way that it is suitable for all type of websites. Over time period Divi theme updated and improved. Now they offer a drag-and-drop feature that helps the user to build any type of layouts. It also provides hundreds of website template with customization options. So If you want to create customised WP sites then the Divi builder tool will be the best option for you.

Divi Theme can also use as a regular theme where user can set up header, footer and many more using Divi’s built-in customisation options. Or you can use Divi Theme builder to design the layout as per requirement.

Elegant Theme provides online documentation on their website where you can access all details about features. On the earlier day, they resolve customer issue in a private discussion forum which was not user friendly and fast. Now they are using the Ticket System via messenger service to resolve the query.

Download Div


Brainstorm Force developed the Astra theme in 2017. Astra is one of the advanced and most popular free WordPress Theme which widely used to develop websites like Portfolio, Blogs, Online Shopping and many more. Astra is lightweight not more than 50KB and takes few seconds to load as they use vanilla JavaScript.

It is a highly customizable WordPress Theme that allows user to customise container like Blog, Header, footers, post etc. It comes with hundreds of importable demo sites that help you to build sites on click. Astro Theme also works with a powerful WooCommerce plugin to build Online Shopping websites and other popular plugins like Elementor and LearnDash. User can buy the PRO version to extend more features

Download Astra


Ultra is also one of the popular theme, created by Themify and they are one of the leading themes providers in the premium market. It is fast and allows customisation using a drag-and-drop builder. The most useful feature of Drag and Drop builder is it build layout or element responsive so you don’t have to code separately for a mobile website. User can start their website immediately with a pre-made demo site. Another useful feature of the ultra theme is design skin that helps the user to change the look and feel.

Themify also provides add-on feature like section scrolling, user can configure vertical or horizontal scrolling. If you are looking to increase user traffic to your website then, then you don’t need to worry because the Ultra theme coded to work well with SEO. So you can use any SEO plugin to rank your website. Ultra theme also comes with all major google fonts and social media icons.

Download Ultra


OceanWP is a free WordPress theme which is created by Nicolas in 2016. In a very short period, it became one of the favourite WordPress themes of the WordPress community. OceanWP is lightweight and extendable so its performance is also good. It is responsive, it works great with desktop and with different size of screens. If you want to develop an e-commerce website or want to sell your product on the internet then you can use Woocommerce and its extension which is very useful. OceanWP also supports drag and drop page builder like  Elementor, Beaver Builder, Visual Composer, Divi, SiteOrigin, etc.

We are creating a website so we also want to take care of SEO and OceanWP theme developed with SEO in mind. For better ranking, you can use any plugin with it. As we discussed OceanWP is free so if you want to extend functionality and performance then you may need some premium extensions. You can buy it in buddle which is best way to have all the best extension and other benefits like pro demos. The best thing is unlike premium they also offered free extension like Modal Window, Post slider etc. which also useful.

Download OceanWP

WP Plugins

WordPress Plugins
WordPress Plugins

Now let’s learn about the plugin. Plugins are a set of code written in PHP programming language. Plugins used to extend functionality and add a new feature to websites. It can integrate seamlessly. An authorised user can install/uninstall plugins from the admin dashboard and we can also manually install using FTP client ( We will learn it in the other post ). All plugins installed are registered in your WP database and you can activate/deactivate, delete anytime.

There are thousands of free plugins available on the official website and third-party developers like GitHub. There are also paid premium plugins available in the market and you can buy them from websites like CodeCanyon, PickPlugins

Let’s check few important and popular Plugins

Contact Form 7 : Takayuki Miyoshi

It is free and one of the oldest plugin. Contact Form 7 help you to set up and manage multiple forms. You can configure form almost on any pages and can customise form field.

Yoast SEO : Team Yoast

Yoast SEO is one of the most popular SEO plugin in the WordPress community. Yoast is available in the free and paid version. In the free version they offer a basic feature which helps you to manage your SEO and paid version give full control to manage it.

Akismet Spam Protection : Automattic

ASP is important plugins to keep your website secure from spam contents. It checks your comment against the database to block spam content.

Jetpack – WP Security, Backup, Speed and Growth : Automattic

This is another plugin you must have. This plugin will help you take backup of every changes and can restore anytime with a single click. It also scan your content for spam, malware and code thread.

Visit official website for more plugins.


We hope we covered all the point about WordPress and also explain the purpose of themes and plugin in WP development. Theme work on layout and visual style and Plugin enhance functionality and add a new feature to a website. So if you are planning to start a blog or website on a WordPress platform then it becomes very important to choose the correct theme and plugins. User must take care of all points required to maintain and modify the website easily.

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